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Telling your story with colour

Colour me confused… with a rainbow and more to choose from, how do you decide on the colours that tell your story?

Colours are powerful and play a vital role in the perception of your brand. They have the ability to communicate clearly and affect our emotions and expectations. Let’s take a look at some key colours and their connotations.


Red excites and motivates – use a splash of red to inject excitement into your brand as it evokes feelings of power, energy and passion. However, it can cause anxiety and tiredness and has negative connotations associated with aggression, danger, and violence. As red has such a range of powerful meanings, it’s best used with caution.


Yellow is associated with being happy and warm and attract people to your business. Yellow, stimulates feelings of optimism and hope. However, it also represents cowardice and betrayal and some shades of yellow can look cheap, so use it wisely.


Green balances people’s emotions, creating a sense of calm. Dark greens relate to money, wealth and prestige, while lighter greens relate to growth and freshness. It is often associated with nature, health and good luck, but don’t forget the green-eyed monster… jealousy.


Blue calms the senses, lowering blood pressure and reducing appetite, tension and fear. It stimulates feelings of trust, security, and cleanliness. However, as it creates a sensation sense of space it can also be very cold.


Purple suggests wealth, royalty, and extravagance heightening people’s sense of beauty and creativity. However, it can also evoke a sense of arrogance.


Orange is warm, vibrant and flamboyant. It represents the risk-taker, the extrovert and the uninhibited. Orange gives the impression of affordability, depending on the shade chosen and its combination with other colours.


White is the colour of new beginnings, it is the blank canvas. While white isn’t stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything. It is calming as it evokes a feeling of simplicity, organisation and efficiency away from chaos. However, there is a sterility about it which can sometimes lack personality.

Black is sophisticated and distinctive and means authority, power and control. However, in many situations it can be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable.

Need help painting your brand with the right colour and message? As a creative agency with a team of in-house designers, we would love to lend our artistic licence. Throw us a bone for more information.

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