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The 10 commandments of content marketing

We have journeyed through the wilderness of websites and here, unto this North East PR agency, are the Ten Commandments of content marketing.

1. Honour thy readers
Keep your target market in mind! Do they know the fundamentals and need more detail? Or are you talking about something that needs simplifying? Always think about what is most important to your readers to keep them interested – and coming back.

2. Thou shalt not spam
One or two well-written blogs can have just as much impact as 10 mediocre ones. Don’t lose opportunities with your audience because they’re sick of seeing so much content.

3. Thou shalt be succinct
Do you read everything word for word? When reading, most people scan content to find the most relevant and important nuggets of information. A long, rambling blog is unlikely to be read, so keep it short and sweet.

4. Honour thy networks
People aren’t going to be checking your website every day to look for new content, so make sure you share it across your social networks to reach as many readers as possible.

5. Honour thyself
Don’t forget your brand and tone of voice when writing your content; an informal company that writes in a formal way – and vice versa – can be very confusing. Be true to you!

6. Thou shalt not steal
There are thousands of blogs available online – don’t be tempted to steal them! Your content is yours so even though the same topic may be available on many other sites, they won’t have the same tone, style and language as you, and your readers can tell.

7. Thou shalt honour thy sources
When referencing research, other blogs or information you’ve found, make sure you credit the person who did the legwork. Use links to the original data or reference it at the bottom. It’s only fair.

8. Thou shalt make it interesting
A long blog of prose, regardless of topic, can be quite boring to read – jazz it up a bit! Add infographics, images or video to keep your reader interested. Even bullet points can help the text look more interesting (not that we need it, this is already super interesting, but see what we did here?)

9. Honour thy optimisation
That blog you’ve written is interesting, full of graphics, on topic and totally on brand. Great.

No one will read it if they can’t find it! Make sure you know your SEO keywords and get them in your content. There’s nowhere worse than the second page of Google.

10. Thou shalt call to follow
When people have got to the bottom of your blog, what do they do then? Giving a clear call to action helps spur readers on to take the next steps, hopefully with you.
So here’s ours… if you need help avoiding an awkward conversation with the content god throw us a bone (not a bible) on 01325 734800 or info@harveyandhugo.com


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