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The 5 most important things I learnt from working in a PR agency

As it’s my last blog post for Harvey & Hugo (Sarah speaking here) I thought I would list the most significant things I’ve learnt whilst working for a PR agency.

 1.     Your to-do list is your new best friend

sarah blog 1

Seriously though, organisation is so important!

 2.     It’s not as glamorous as Samantha from Sex and the City makes out

sarah blog 2

It may not be cosmopolitans at the opening of a new snazzy celebrity hot spot, but it’s still so much fun!

3.     Checking your emails all day every day will annoy your boyfriend

sarah blog 3

This was actually taken on Valentine’s Day… Putting clients first is an understatement!

4.     You’ll get a slight addiction to coffee

sarah blog 4

Working in a PR agency means you’re on the go the minute you step into the office. Coffee will get you through!

5.     A good team is everything

sarah blog 5

You’re nothing without good people around you. You will need support and you will need to be there for your teammates. You might just become the best of friends…


For me, I thrive on being productive and busy, so working for a PR agency was such a fantastic experience. It makes you discover a work ethic you never knew you had.

For anyone who is looking to take a jump into PR, try agency work – the pace is riveting!


We’re recruiting for a PR and social media account manager, find out more here: http://www.harveyandhugo.com/public-relations-approach/join-us/




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