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The A-Z of Marketing

Okay, so it’s really M-G, but that doesn’t sound as good, does it?

The information available on how to make your marketing campaigns successful can be overwhelming, so we’ve created a list of the lesser-known tips for sharing and building your brand while maintaining integrity.

M is for mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is often overlooked. It is worth considering whether your content is as easy to view and understand on the small screen, as it is on the big.

A is for analytics

Discovering and communicating the meaningful patterns within your data (e.g. website visitor reports and social platform analytics) can be very useful for picking out trends, taking necessary actions and applying the information found to your future marketing decisions.

R is for retweet

Retweeting is an effective way to help other businesses while simultaneously generating traffic and engagement to your business; the simple act of sharing someone else’s content makes someone else more likely to follow you. Top tip – ‘retweet with comment’ offers the opportunity for not one, but two, pieces of engagement!

K is for keyword

It is all well and good identifying your keywords, but you must make sure that they are placed in the right spot (see G – Google); the good news is you don’t need to guess what your audience wants, you can easily conduct a keyword analysis and use your findings to help restructure your marketing around a specific theme or audience. Keyword analysis can be easily done through a programme such as Google Analytics – try it for yourself!

E is for engagement

Embrace engagement – in the modern day, it isn’t just about promoting your own content, you must interact with not only your audience, but the industry, with the goal of forming relationships based on respect and trust.

T is for top of the funnel

Top of the funnel refers to the very first stage of the buying process. Leads that occur at this stage are about the consumer identifying that they have a need for a product/service and looking for more information; it is important that the information they view at this stage encourages action.

I is for infographic

An infographic is a visual piece of content that is very popular among businesses that mostly market online. The technique is often used for communicating complex concepts in an easy to understand, visual way and can create higher levels of engagement as well as being great for leaflets and posters.

N is for news feed

Are you taking advantage of what Facebook has to offer? The Facebook news feed is swimming with variety and if you really want to get your content into the right feeds there is an opportunity for boosting/sponsoring posts.

G is for Google

As of July 2006, Google became a verb and was entered into the Oxford English Dictionary – need we say more? Ranking high in Google search is important and isn’t as difficult as you might think; it takes well-built Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings and drive traffic.

If you need help developing your marketing strategy, from design to social media management, we can help. Throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or info@harveyandhugo.com.


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