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The anatomy of a LinkedIn Ad

Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach millions of active business professionals by using highly targeted text and image adverts.


There are four components that make up a simple advert:


1. Headline: You only get 25 characters to catch the attention of your target audience so make it clear and concise. Try making your headline into a question that appeals directly to your market to help make more people click on it.


2. Ad copy: Use these 75 characters wisely to communicate the benefits of your product or service. Follow it with a clear call to action like ‘Sign up now’ or ‘Order today.’


3. Destination URL: You can direct people to a LinkedIn page or drive them to your website. If you’re going to do the latter, ideally lead LinkedIn users to a landing page tailored for them, rather than just the home page.


4. Photo: Ads with images get up to 20% more clicks. Only use your company logo if you’re trying to build the brand as images of people are more effective. According to LinkedIn, an image of a woman tends to drive the best click through rates!


Find what resonates best with your audience by testing multiple variations of your Ad campaign – try different images or headlines.


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