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The benefits of social media competitions

Social media competitions can engage your followers and friends, as well as give them an incentive to interact with your business. It can also help create awareness and reach out to potential followers and fan base.

What is the aim of social media competitions?

It is important to know the aim[s] of your competition and remember the reasons behind it, so you can achieve it.

Ask yourself – Is there a goal your social media plan is not reaching? Are you not generating enough interaction? Is your business’s followers and/or fan base lacking?

When you know what your goal is, you will be aware of the aim[s] of your social media competition.

How to reach your social media goal:

Throughout hosting the competition, ask your followers and fans to ‘Re-tweet’, ‘Follow’, ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and reply, depending on what your aim is.

Ask followers to ‘Re-tweet’ messages and ‘Share’ posts if you’d like to increase the number of people who are exposed to the information – this will also increase the likelihood of generating followers and friends.

Ask people to ‘Follow’ you on twitter and ‘Like’ your Facebook page if you’d like to boost your online presence and generate awareness of your business’s future promotions, events and services.

Ask followers and friends to reply to tweets and posts with answers or photographs if you’d like to boost the amount of interaction between your business and potential clients.

What makes a good social media competition?

It is important to make your competition topical; this is so it’ll relate to what’s going on at that period of time.

It is also important to make your competition easy and accessible. The activity which you ask your target audience to do in order to take part in the competition needs to be viable; this is to increase the likelihood of people participating.

And finally, it is important for your competition to relate to your target audience; for example, if your target audience are people who love animals, relate the competition to animals.

The outcome of hosting a social media competition:

If you stay focused on your aim, reach out to your target audience in the appropriate way and appeal and relate to your target audience through topical, easily accessible and relatable material, a social media competition can boost your online presence and reputation, form online relationships and increase your followers and fan base.

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