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The evolution of emojis

In the very beginning we had emoticons; do you remember the :- ) and the 8–D of the ‘90s chatrooms? The introduction of these digital gestures, originally in Japan, created a new way to communicate and it wasn’t long before they were evolving rapidly.

For the first time, there was a way to add emotional subtext to a message; for example “I understand” might sound cold or passive on its own but add a heart emoji and the phrase becomes warm and sympathetic.

So, how have some of our favourite emojis evolved over the years?

The smile

The smiley face started as a simple colon followed by a dash and a close bracket. Today you can find over 10 variations of this expression, each more enthusiastic than the other!

The sad face

This emoji was another with a simple beginning and now there are over 20 ways to express how sad you really are (extra graphical tears optional).

The human face

With simple lines and barely recognisable features, the original version of this emoji wasn’t very inclusive. Jump to now and you can choose from various hair colours and styles, skin tones and over 10 occupations (and get this, if you want to be a mermaid or a zombie, you can do that too.)

The classic* poo

The poo emoji is both useless and endlessly useful at the same time; want to replace an expletive? It’s got your back. Someone asks why you’re taking so long, and you’re scared of the ‘P word’? This emoji has got you covered.

*Arguably not a classic emoji, but where would we be without it?

Check out some more of The Pack’s favourites below:

Images from SOURCE: https://blog.emojipedia.org/apples-emoji-evolution-1997-2018/


Emojis are no longer limited to chatrooms, they have become a culture. They can be used in email subjects to enhance marketing tactics, feature on clothing and accessories – you can even get a cushion in the shape of the smiling poo emoji.

If you’d like to add some feeling to your social media (with or without emojis), throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or email us at info@harveyandhugo.com.


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