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The Intern

Being an intern can be daunting whatever type of company you work for.

The world of PR can be demanding for the most experienced account manager.

Here are our top tips for surviving a PR Internship


Attitude is key

A positive attitude is essential in PR, as it’s all about boosting client’s reputations and celebrating success. Come in every day with a positive can-do attitude


Research, Research, research

When you start you will be expected to hit the ground running. Gone are the days of interns just following the team around and making tea! Research the agency and their clients before you start to help you show that you understand the business.


If you need help…ask!

You will be working with some of the best in the business, so remember to take advantage of their expertise, ask questions and find out quicker ways to do things.


Get ready to be busy

You could be writing a press release one minute and posting on social media the next. Blogging, networking, creating content and liaising with clients and journalists are all essential parts of a PR role. Be prepared for anything and get involved as much as you can.


Live and breathe social media

Social media is a key tool for anyone in PR, so be ahead of the game and find out which platforms the agency uses and make sure you are up to speed.


Turn up on time

Punctuality is a basic requirement for most employers but in the fast paced world of PR a lot                                                            can change in just a few minutes.


Remember you are there to learn

As with any job there will be highs and lows along the way. Always remember that everything you learn will help you progress in your future career!

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