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The pawfect dog dating app

We all know that social media is constantly evolving but who would have ever thought that there would be an app for lonely dogs?

Tindog is an app that lets you “Find other dogs & their owners around you” with a simple swipe of a paw.

Developed by Tinder (the human version) the app lets owners find the pawfect match for their best friend.

The app uses GPS location data to search through nearby matches and allows users to then swipe their paws left or right to like or dismiss a potential partner.

Once you’ve found a match for your dog, owners are able to chat, share photos with and meet up for a play date.

It does seem like social media developers have gone a step too far by inventing a dating app for dogs, it’s not like they are actually going to be able to use the app themselves.

However we think owners do find it just as fun as the dogs do and who knows, maybe both pets and owners might fall in love over a doggy date.

So if your dog is lonely, why not give Tindog a try?

Harvey has already signed up!

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