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The 'Then and Now' of social media

facebook, twitter, Harvey & HugoYoung people today don’t have it as tough as we did. Communicating with loved ones and applying for jobs was a long drawn out process and very different to the way we communicate today.
Though social media platforms are relatively new, a few of the old ways have been replaced – some rightly so!

1. The Phone Book (replaced by Facebook)

Then: If you forgot to ask for a prospective date’s phone number at the pub, you’d hope that his or her parents listed their information in the phone book and weren’t ex- directory.
Now: You immediately find your crush on Facebook. Once he/she accepts your friend request, you casually start a message thread. True love prevails.

2. Disposable cameras (replaced by Instagram)

Then: You wound up the camera, clicked, and prayed that the picture came out. If you were an amateur at taking photos, you’d take the picture twice – just to be sure.

Now: You use filters and clever captions to enhance a photo. The downside is your friends all have to agree that they look OK before you post it.

3. The “art” of scrapbooking (replaced by Pinterest)

Then: You had a lot of feelings, so you cut up a bunch of magazines and made scrapbooks.

Now: You have a lot of recipe and wedding ideas, so you pin a lot of inspirations onto your boards.

4. Video cameras (replaced by video apps/YouTube)

Then: Parents like to try and capture everything on their video cameras and are perfect for embarrassing their kids when they become teens. The only positive is that you have proof you were a cute baby!

Now: Whatever the activity, someone uploads it to YouTube. The new positive is, if you’re an adorable baby, you have the chance to be famous on the internet (e.g. Charlie Bit My Finger) and potentially rich!

5. Diaries (replaced by Tumblr)

Then: You wrote your hopes and dreams down and hoped no one would read them.

Now: You write your inner thoughts down and hope someone will read them and rate them.

6. The Yellow Pages (replaced by Google+/Yell.com)

Then: If you were looking for a business, you’d have to take your chances with the Yellow Pages. You knew the business was fancy if it had more than a listing, but often had no real detail of the products or services.

Now: You search online and let customer reviews tell you everything good and bad.

7. The employment classifieds (replaced by LinkedIn//Monster)

Then: Companies listed positions in the newspaper, so descriptions were brief. The whole process was long and painful.
Now: Without limits, job descriptions can be huge, but application and access are now quick and relatively pain free. Just be careful how your profile demonstrates your skills!

8. The restaurant review (replaced by Trip Advisor)

Then: Want a restaurant recommendation? You asked your friends and family for their opinions, good and bad!

Now: Go on line to Trip Advisor, say what you really feel and earn review badges too! But be careful restaurants have the right to reply!


Social media is here to stay for communication with your friends and family as well as profiling your business life. Make sure you are using it to its full advantage.

If you need some advice, take a look at some of our blogs about social media, or give us a call and we can help you!  Call 01325 486666.


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