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Things to consider when outsourcing your social media

Social media whiteAt Harvey & Hugo, we believe that no one knows your business better than you. That’s why if you have the skills, time and inclination to manage your social media in-house, we believe you should.

However many people do not possess the skills, time and inclination to do their business justice on social media. In this case, we believe it is best to outsource to a specialist agency. 

How do you choose who to outsource to?

Nowadays everyone seems to be offering social media marketing and everyone is a self-confessed expert! But how do you decide who is best to use? This is a decision that should not be taken lightly. We’ve compiled a list of things to bear in mind before outsourcing.

This isn’t just about understanding the basics of what you do. They need to understand the culture of your business and the values that underpin it as it’s important that this is reflected in social media activity.

Content should not be just posted ‘willy-nilly’, look for someone who will devise a strategy behind the activity.

Social media is run in an open environment which is often difficult to control. People that guarantee certain amounts of followers often have to buy them to fulfil promises.  

Social media marketing is not immediate. Building a sustainable campaign that helps achieve your overall objectives takes time, so be patient.

Unfortunately, a few tweets are not going to suddenly make you a millionaire! Social media is one element of the overall marketing mix and should be integrated into your overall PR and marketing campaign.

Although we are a pretty talented bunch, we haven’t yet honed our psychic skills! We do rely on information from you for a powerful social media campaign.

Companies that work with contracts should be avoided, as you do not want to be tied into something that’s not working. Getting social media right can be trial and error at first and you need a flexible adaptive agency. At Harvey & Hugo our social media management is contract-free as we believe you will be able to recognise the benefits of using us without being tied into a commitment.

Creative, fresh content is so important to a social media campaign. Look for an agency that is creative rather than those who just repeat things from your website.

We’re big believers that you get what you pay for when it comes to social media. You can buy thousands of followers and have someone across the other side of the world churn out content for you for under £10 a month, but is that really going to help contribute towards your overall objectives?

We believe that if you’re going to outsource your social media, it should be to us so please email charlotte@harveyandhugo.com or call 01325 486666 if you’re interested to see how we can help you.

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