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Tips for raising your profile on Linked In

The third most popular social networking website, Linked In, has many benefits including building relationships, recruitment and generating sales. Here are our top 10 tips to help you make the most of it:


 1.     Make sure your profile is fully up to date

This is your chance to show people all of your expertise. Make sure job descriptions are up to date and you have listed all of your skills as it will make it easier for people to endorse you. Don’t forget to add all of your awards too.


 2.     Update your status often

People have hundreds of connections on Linked In. Update your status regularly to make sure you’re regularly appearing in your connections’ feeds. Be careful not to be too sales-focused with this or people may disconnect. The key is to put useful information relative to what you do or your target market.


 3.     Connect

Remember after phone calls, email conversations, meetings and events to connect on Linked In. It’s always good to keep in touch and although there may not be a business opportunity at present, there may be in the future.


 4.     Comment, share and Like your contacts updates

Social networking isn’t just for shouting about you; it’s about engaging with people. Take time to listen to what your connections have to say and comment, share and like their updates. You never know, you might learn something useful.


 5.     Endorse people

Everyone likes recognition for the hard work they do and by endorsing connections, especially potential leads, they are more likely to want to listen to what you have to say. They may even endorse you back too.


 6.     Look at who’s viewed your profile

Unlike on Facebook (despite the viral threats!), you can see who’s viewed your profile on Linked In. This information can be useful. If someone who could be a potential lead has viewed your profile, don’t be afraid to get in touch. But remember people can see that you’ve been viewing their profile too and becoming a stalker is one sure way to lose connections!


 7.     Join groups and start discussions

Join groups which are within your industry but also those which your target market may join. Don’t be afraid to get involved in conversations and even start them. Be sure if you do start a conversation to reply to any additional comments.


 8.     Ask for recommendations

Don’t be shy; you’ve done a great job so ask for a reference. This can be really powerful when people are thinking of working with you and it has much more credibility as people can see it’s a genuine recommendation instead of just something you’ve made up on your website.


 9.     Create a Company

Create a page for your Company and invite your connections to follow you. Be sure to populate it with regular content though or there is no point creating one in the first place.


 10.  Upgrade your account type

Unlike other social networking sites, Linked In is pretty switched on when it comes to monetising its services. Granted you have to pay, but if you do use Linked In as a sales or recruitment tool regularly, the additional features offered by upgrading your account can be really powerful. It often runs free trials, so look for them.

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