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To blog, or not to blog, that is the question

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous content, or to take a Teesside marketing agency against a sea of troubles, to blog or not to blog? BLOG!

November is National Blog Posting Month, which encourages individuals and businesses alike to write and post one blog every day for the 30 days of the month. Seems arduous? It’s easier than you think when you know how!

So, where do you start thinking about whether to blog? Think about the three T’s …



What is your company tone of voice? If you’re a formal firm, a blog written in limerick form is hardly going to appeal to your audience. Likewise, if you’re a trendy team, adding masses of industry speak, prose and impersonal language may not have the desired effect.

When you’re writing, always have this in mind so whatever you share on your website, matches whatever you share on social media and offline too.


Too long?

How long is a blog? About the same length of a piece of string.

The general rule that Google follows is that anything under 300 words doesn’t rank well, but there’s no top limit. But that doesn’t mean you can go on forever – if this blog had another seventeen sections, would you read it? Probably not. Case in point.



The topic of your blog needs to be relevant to what you do – but also who you are. Not every blog on your website has to be about the industry or something you do.

Use your blogs to showcase your team, your award wins, charities you support and events you’ve attended. This all serves to give a wider impression of who you are as a company and why people should want to work with you.


Now you’ve got your T’s in order, it’s time to start writing, but don’t worry if you’re still stuck. We can help you on your blogging journey by thinking of topics, writing them up or even just proofing what you have pulled together.

Throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or info@harveyandhugo.com to find out more.


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