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Top 10 reasons why we love working in the Tees Valley

The Tees Valley is not only a beautiful place to live, it’s also a thriving hub of successful businesses that we love being part of.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we love living and working in the Tees Valley.


1. Central location

One of the Tees Valley’s main attractions is its central location. It’s definitely a perk for businesses who have offices across the UK.


2. Terrific transport links

The Tees Valley is perfectly placed with a strong transport network surrounding it.


3. Variety is the spice of life

From micro-businesses to international organisations, the Tees Valley has it all, which makes for a wonderful variety of business engagement.


4. Notable networking

Who doesn’t love a great networking event? We are blessed in the Tees Valley to have a fantastic range of networking events to attend, including the brilliant Tees Valley Business Club.


5. Friendly happy people

Everyone smiles, says hello and is always willing to help out – There’s a fantastic sense of camaraderie between the businesses and their teams.


6. Tasty treats

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out in the Tees Valley with many award winning independent restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars showcasing the region’s tasty range of local produce.


7. Luxurious halls and business venues

The Tees Valley has some fantastic halls including Rockliffe Hall and Acklam Hall, which make wonderful business venues and are an ideal place to go and unwind after a hard day’s work.


8. Work-life balance

Achieving a work-life balance can be incredibly difficult in this fast paced world of work, but here in the Tees Valley, there are so many locations such as beaches and countryside to escape to and relax.


9. Educating Tees Valley

The excellent range of colleges and Universities play an essential part in creating the future business men and women of the Tees Valley and are always willing to collaborate with businesses.


10. Fighting fit

From the Riverside Stadium to Mowden Park, we have lots of arenas for the sports fanatics amongst us and not to mention the fantastic corporate hospitality services they offer too.


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