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Tour de Rescue is coming to Dogwood Adventure Play

Dog lovers are invited to support their local rescue shelters and get advice on how to train their dogs as the Tour De Rescue is coming to Dogwood Adventure Play.

Dogwood Adventure Play, located between Bishopton and Redmarshall in Stockton-on-Tees, is holding an event as part of the Tour De Rescue set up by dog trainer Dominic Hodgson, which will see pet professionals and volunteers from across the UK work together to help rescue dogs.

On September 10th, Dominic will cycle to Hope Animal Shelter in Loftus, Maxi’s Mates in Redcar, Save Our Strays in Guisborough, The Edward Foundation and Heart Welfare before ending the day with a seminar for dog owners and trainers at The Talbot pub in Bishopton.

Katie Guastapaglia, manager of Dogwood Adventure Play, said: “The Tour is about not only celebrating the happiness rescue dogs bring to our lives, encouraging people to consider adopting, but also to raise awareness of the amazing work rescue centres do to help the animals.

“At the seminar we have lined up five of the UK’s best dog trainers to share their advice and training tips, including Dog Trainer of the Year Adam Delderfield, scentwork expert David Davies, dog aggression authority Tim Jackson, puppy specialist Helen Kay and Dominic Hodgson.

“We want the event to show that rescue dogs make great pets, often finding themselves in shelters through no fault of their own.”

This is part of a series of events which will also be held in Morpeth, Derbyshire and North Wales, with Dominic covering over 200 miles in four days by cycling to each destination.

Dominic, a bestselling author who has had three rescue dogs, said: “We hear a lot about the large welfare organisations but many are one or two person operations.

“They have little resources to work with but give so much of their time picking up the pieces when dogs are abandoned or mistreated, making them the true unsung heroes.

“These small rescue centres rely entirely on funding and volunteers, and I wanted to do something to make people stop and think about supporting them.”


To find out more and book tickets for the Tour De Rescue event, visit the Dogwood Adventure Play website. All proceeds from ticket sales will be shared between the rescue organisations.

Visit Dogwood Adventure Play on Instagram at @DogwoodAdventurePlay

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