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TV shows are lying to you about PR

If some of your favourite TV shows have inspired you to start a career in PR, then please read this blog before you accept a job offer!

Image credit: The Guardian

Image credit: The Guardian

Unfortunately programmes like ‘Sex in the City’, ‘The Hills’ and ‘House of Cards’ have misled viewers into thinking that PR is all about power dressing, schmoozing and champagne.

Here are some of the common misconceptions:


PR is glamorous  

Most TV programmes depict only glamorous aspects of the job, such as meeting clients for drinks or networking at cocktail parties. Although some elements of the role can involve this, most of the time you’re working from an office, frantically hitting deadlines.


PR professionals are style icons

We don’t prance around the office in designer dresses, high heels and drive Porsches. Often a pair of sensible shoes and a smart casual outfit can suit the fast paced world of a PR professional.


PR is all about schmoozing

According to TV, PR is all about schmoozing. Unlike in the TV shows, PRs rarely rub shoulders with celebrities, sports stars or multi-billionaires.


PR is spinning the truth

Mainly thanks to ‘House of Cards’, PR professionals have a bad reputation as liars. We and many other agencies believe honesty is the best policy in public relations.


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