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Twitter Analytics, no more target practice required…

Do you use Twitter Analytics?  If not then you should be! If you were asked to shoot a target and someone placed a gun in your hand would you immediately pull on a blindfold?

Without using Twitter Analytics this could be exactly what you’re doing with your tweets, if you don’t know who you are targeting and what they are interested in then your tweets could be falling on deaf ears.

Twitter has 288 million users that tweet over 500 million tweets every day.  How can Twitter Analytics help you to stand out from the crowd?

1)     Login to ‘analytics.twitter.com’ or search for ‘Twitter Analytics’ using your standard twitter login – it’s free to use!

2)     Review you current tweet’s performance – this gives the opportunity to see how well your last 28 days worth of tweets have fared in the ‘Twittersphere’.  Including how many people you’ve reached and interacted with each tweet.

3)     Find out who your followers are – are you reaching a predominantly male audience? Are they interested in comedy or sport?  You might want to consider tailoring your content accordingly.

4)     Check where geographically your followers are based – Are you attracting an audience from a particular area?  Then play to your strengths and share news or positivity about that place.

Put simply, Twitter Analytics will help you to target your audience with tweets that they will resonate with, visit – analytics.twitter.com to get started.

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