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Twitter to remove its 140-character limit on direct messages

Twitter is an excellent way to network and keep in touch with people who have common interests – such as those in the same industry or who are passionate about the same causes – but are not necessarily in a user’s personal circle.

It makes sense, then, that Twitter plans to increase the 140-character limit on Direct Messages (DMs) to 10,000 in July to allow users to more conveniently carry out private conversations without leaving the network, as they no longer have to send many messages in a row to say everything they need to say.

Sachin Agarwal, the product manager for direct messages at Twitter, announced the character limit removal last week on the Twitter Developers forum.

This change comes not long after Twitter both introduced group messaging and allowed users the option to expand who they can receive direct messages from earlier this year. Previously, DMs could only be sent to a user by someone who they followed.

Modifying its private messaging function to work more like popular chat apps such as Facebook Messenger appears to be another way that Twitter seeks to make connecting easier for its users.

Twitter’s signature 140-character tweets will be unaffected by the change, as this only affects the private side of the social network.


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