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Twitter transformations

The world of social media really is changing every day. Almost every time you log-in there’s new features and updates.

It’s Twitter’s turn to make our news this week with three changes it’s brought about:

Native video

Twitter has rolled out an in-app video camera and editing software, where users can record up to 30 seconds of footage and post it directly on the network. Although Twitter owns Vine (6 second video application) they feel this is a barrier to entry as you have to set up a Vine account to be able to post on Twitter. Twitter has become a popular network for journalists and they feel it will be easier for them to share news in video using this new function.

Group chats

This is an expansion of Twitter’s direct message capabilities. With the likes of Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Viber, direct messaging has recently boomed in popularity and this new feature which will let up to 20 people participate in private discussions will be a welcome addition to the platform.


Users can now translate tweets at the click of a small globe icon.  A translated version will appear below the original tweet using the power of Bing’s software. Firstly, the feature must be enabled in account settings but after that it will be available to translate over 40 languages for all users on twitter.com, TweetDeck and Twitter’s official apps.


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