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A typical day in the life of our Leader of the Pack, Charlotte

5am – 8am:

I’m an early bird and start work between 5am and 6am. My brain works best at this time and I can get some deep thinking and uninterrupted work done. This typically includes writing proposals, developing strategies, creative thinking and writing articles.

8am – 9am:

I catch-up on the news and my social media, while eating a healthy breakfast. I do a mini work-out for five minutes, get ready, then head into Harvey & Hugo HQ.

9am – 12pm: 

I’m typically in work for around 9am where I catch-up on emails for the first hour or so. I’ll then check-in with The Pack on how the client work is going, provide feedback on work I’ve checked, run team meetings and discuss our own internal PR and marketing for Harvey & Hugo as well as our training school, Hugoversity. I love being in the office not only because I can actually do some work, but it’s a great atmosphere and we’re always laughing in between working hard.

12pm- 12:30pm:

I’ll tend to have a speedy working lunch of soup and fruit while catching up on emails.

12:30 – 5pm:

My afternoons are often spent out of the office either at client meetings, new business opportunities or events. I love getting out of the office just as much as being in it and really enjoy the variety of people I get to meet, in between driving along to my terrible collection of music!

5pm – 6pm:

I normally catch-up with the day’s emails, check tomorrow’s calendar and prepare a list of work for the next day around this time. I can never properly relax in the evening unless I know what the next day has in store for me.

6pm – 7:30pm: 

If I’m not at a work-related event and I haven’t walked into work, I’ll usually be out on a run or walk, at the gym or in the pool around this time. My job is pretty sedentary, so I don’t feel good unless I’ve fitted at least 30 minutes of exercise into my day.

7:30 – 9pm:

I’m usually home by this time to have tea. I try and stay very healthy during the week and avoid alcohol. I was an athlete before I set up my business and still like to take care of myself to help business performance (the weekend is often another matter though!). After tea, I’ll unwind and watch some TV, usually a documentary or a series on Netflix, in between being on social media and keeping an eye on my emails.

9pm – 10pm:

Unless out late at a business event, I’m in bed by 9pm and will usually read for a while, before falling asleep by 10pm. I try to get 7-8 hours’ sleep a night.


I often wake up around this time with ideas for campaigns, so I always keep my phone next to me to note down any ideas!