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Benefits of using video in your marketing strategy

With the ever-evolving digital landscape is taking the world by storm, there has never been a wider range of content available that can be used to appeal to your audiences. So, have you ever considered incorporating video into your marketing strategy? Due to advancements in technology and a changing definition of what makes a good video, it has never been easier to access the tools needed to create successful content for your brand.

Statistics show that consumers watch an average of 1.5 hours of video per day and that 72% of people would choose to watch a video than read about a product or service. Video content has also been shown to be very influential in marketing strategies, with 76% of marketers reporting that it helped them increase sales in 2017 and the same percentage reporting increased traffic since the introduction of video.

With this in mind, here’s a quick guide to the benefits of video – it may be suited to your business more than you think.

Transferrable nature

Videos are transferrable. They can be reached by anyone at any time and can be viewed not only on laptops and PCs but on mobiles and tablets – opportunity is everywhere.

People want to see it

Video has a proven power to engage and capture attention more than written content. Statistics show that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those that don’t, and you don’t need to include sound! In fact, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without it.

The personal touch

A video can add a personal touch to your content enabling the addition of an extra dimension and more authentic interaction – generating an emotional connection. For example, you could introduce your team members and then during customer interaction, there is already a familiar face/voice.

Cost effective

This is something that tends to surprise people. Don’t forget, mobile phones are now capable of shooting high quality videos and basic editing tools are built in to most social media platforms, making them easy to access and use.

So really, it’s simple – if you have the right ideas you’re on to a winner! No specialist tools or knowledge needed.

Still not sure how you could incorporate video into your content? Or just don’t have the time to commit? We have a fantastic digital design team that can help! Throw us a bone on 01325 486666.

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