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Video marketing, the benefits

Video marketing has quickly become an essential part of any content and marketing strategy, the benefits it can bring are huge and it is video-marketingbecoming a more and more accessible form of marketing.

One huge bonus of video content is that it makes you more visible, it opens your company to a wider audience and therefore potential customers.

In terms of your SEO, Google no longer favours static websites and it particularly likes rich content such as videos, meaning with video you’ll be higher up the Google rankings.

Video marketing is also successful because it is more engaging; 80% of people will watch a video, whilst only 20% read content. It is also easily digestible, meaning the viewer has to put in minimal effort yet for maximum impact.

In addition to adding video content to your website, creating a YouTube channel is very beneficial, not least for your SEO. It is another platform for your content and again is accessible to a wider audience…how many of you go on to YouTube to watch one video, and half an hour later you’ve watched all sorts of related and non-related content?

One example of the huge marketing success of video is WestJet’s ‘Christmas Miracle’ video. This video has attracted millions of views and positive comments about the company. The video went viral over the Christmas period when many people will have been booking flights for their festive getaway.

Concerns about cost and quality hamper business’ commitment to video content, but the rewards are high and are only going to increase. It is predicted that by 2017 there will be more than 8 billion devices with an internet connection. These will be in smartphone, tablet, pc and other formats and video content must evolve with it.

So how do you attempt a marketing video? With the emergence of new social video platforms such as Vine, it is easy for anyone to create a video and share it – 5 tweets a second contain a Vine link.  So if you have a natural flair you can attempt it yourself.

However it must be remembered that there are a lot of amateur videos out there, overwhelming potential customers. Your content has to be targeted and clever to really draw in new business.  You must also remember that your video is reflecting your brand. If it’s slightly out of focus, doesn’t seem to have a point or is boring, your brand will appear so too.

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