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Vine – a new kind of social media.

‘Vine’, Twitter’s video app, is nearly a year old and has proven to be a breath of fresh air for the world of social media. It has spawned a new kind of 9977544256_b4081150b5marketing, but what does the six second video phenomenon mean for PR professionals?

The marketing power of Vine has been proven over the course of 2013 and many companies are achieving great exposure through the platform; after all, what more could they want than for their video to go viral on a global scale?

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Vine is its strict brevity, yet this can also be the biggest challenge.

Companies really utilising the Vine scene include Samsung, with their animated basketball player and Diet Coke which used ‘Diet Soda Day’ to take their followers back to the American diner with a Coke float.

Not all Vines have to be on message, however – Oreo have uploaded clips of flashmobs and NatWest simply uploaded a clip of fireworks on Bonfire night.

Vine should be used by businesses to engage with customers, in July Honda sent some of their customers personalised videos, securing a lot of engagement, views and coverage.

Fancy giving it a go? If you’re ready to take the six second leap, here are a few tips:

Give Vine a go and see the difference it makes to your business!


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