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Four reasons to switch: New campaign for VION

A sign and graphics industry leader is celebrating the power of four with a campaign focusing on why customers should make the switch to its material brand, VION.

Developed for and sold solely by William Smith, part of the William Smith Group 1832, VION was launched in 2015 to offer high end calendered digital print films, application tapes and accessories specifically for the UK market.

Now the Company has spelled out why potential customers should choose its range with a ‘4 Reasons’ campaign, which has run on its website, social media and in e-marketing campaigns.

Head of Marketing at William Smith Chris Bradley explained the thinking behind the campaign.

He said: “We have had a record year with VION, more and more customers have tried the films and liked them.

“We’ve also had some fantastic feedback from clients about the range, adding to the reasons why potential customers should make the switch and give these products a go.”

He added: “There are plenty of good reasons why customers should try VION, we just picked four of the best in this latest campaign.”

Sandra Wilson of Stalite Signs Ltd echoed Chris’ enthusiasm for the range. She said: “After using VION VP3000 Series for our everyday digital print media and discovering how easy it was to use and apply, we decided to invest in the VP5000 Series too, and we don’t regret it.

“These films are far superior to other films in the same class.”

She added: “We were pleasantly surprised to discover the films were not only low-cost, but also provided high-quality results. No other material can compare currently.”

Here are the reasons that have headlined the ‘4 Reasons’ campaign:


Request a VION brochure now by emailing sam@williamsmith.co.uk, visit www.williamsmith.co.uk/vion for further information or call 01833 690305 to speak to one of the VION experts.

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