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WAGatha Christie exposes Twitter’s niche

Ah, social media – where would we be without it? It’s no secret that platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have connected us in more ways than we thought possible, and they’ve given us access to an elite world that we wouldn’t ever have the chance to see – the life of a celebrity.

Of course, it’s particularly beneficial to be privy to the innermost thoughts of a social media-savvy star when they start to harbour negative feelings about another celebrity and decide to take to the internet and let it all out.

Yes, we’re talking about the rise of #WAGathaChristie, the spat which started on Instagram and got everyone talking. It has made the headlines, there have been discussions about it on morning television and not to mention the countless memes which have been circulating Twitter. This led us to the question, is Twitter really dead?

As a PR agency, we love Twitter, it is a conversational platform where brands can engage with their audience and keep up to date with the latest news and trends.

Global brands such as Innocent Drinks, the BBC and Netflix have cashed in on the feud, creatively – and quickly – turning it into an advertising tool by producing hilarious memes, puns and content which relate to the phenomenon while staying true to their brand message.

People are using Twitter as their platform of choice to wade in on the action, using the hashtag to reach a wider audience and put their two penneth in. If the WAGatha Christie spat has shown us anything, it is that Twitter is a golden market for people and brands to stay relevant.

So, when considering which social media platforms you or your brand should be using, keep Twitter in mind. If you can keep a consistent stream of content that is useful, funny or relevant, you could find yourself turning interested bystanders into raving fans.

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