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Websites, websites, websites

We are all told we have to have one for our business, but what kind should you go for?

Websites dynamic versus static

Static versus dynamic

Static websites

These are produced using HTML code and each page is created as a separate document. This keeps things simple, but may require you to have some coding skills to make changes to the site or pay a web developer to make updates for you. They are more cost effective to produce than dynamic sites and if you have no desire or need to change the majority of your website content, this might be suitable for your business.

Dynamic websites

These are also written using code, but are a lot easier to manipulate. Often they will be supported by a content management system which is easier to update without having any prior knowledge of HTML.

Each page of the site is created from information stored in the ‘behind the scenes’ database and the content management system directly amends the stored information as it is updated.

As most of the amends can be done independently by the business, it can be a cost saving in the long run. You will pay more at the initial development stage, but it provides you with a lot more flexibility to add more information and integrate social media into your site.

So what should you go for?

Nowadays most people are opting for dynamic websites with integrated content management systems to allow the site to be managed by the business once launched. The development of ‘WordPress’ sites has made the whole process of website design a lot easier and has the advantages of built in Search Engine Optimisation. Design wise there are thousands of themes to choose from to make your website functional and desirable to your end user.

One of the few downsides of dynamic sites is the initial costs for design and development, this can be off-putting, but design and development does take time and it is vital that enough time is set aside for testing, fine tuning your content for SEO and making sure the site is fit for purpose.

Currently a lot of businesses are looking at what could be considered a hybrid site, which contains elements of the dynamic along with the static. Certain areas such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ can remain static as the information will rarely change, whereas blogs, news and image sections can be dynamic to allow regular updating of information to appease the SEO side of things.

There is a lot of information out there about how to build websites and to get the most from them. At Harvey & Hugo we are honest with our assessment of your business requirements, and can help you develop a static, dynamic or e-commerce site if that is what your business needs.

Call us to find out more, or for further information take a look at some of other blogs on websites and SEO.


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