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We’re educating the future of PR at Teesside Uni

The Harvey & Hugo Pack will be sharing their expert PR and social media knowledge to the youth of the industry in three guest lectures at Teesside University.

Three different classes of undergraduates and postgraduates get to spend two valuable hours with our team as part of their digital marketing modules.

Concentrating on online public relations and social media marketing, the sessions aim to educate up and coming PR and marketing professionals on the impact of the internet, technology and growing digital communities on the PR world.

Students should also gain a detailed understanding of social media in marketing and public relations and begin to think tactically and strategically about how to implement social media in professional campaigns.

The first lecture is dedicated to Teesside University’s third-year Business Management undergraduates on Monday 28th November. The following lectures are for second-year Marketing undergraduates and postgraduates on the 1st and 6th December respectively.

As a successful and forward-thinking digital agency, we think it’s very important to pass on our knowledge to the future generations of marketing and public relations professionals. Our methods are tried and tested, and as we operate at the forefront of digital communications, we are always up-to-date with the industry and have plenty of knowledge to share.

We have been lecturing at Teesside University for five years now, and are very proud to carry on the tradition. We hope the students are looking forward to our lectures, and are eager and ready to learn from the professionals.

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