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What has social media given us?

Language is constantly evolving, and nothing in recent years has given us more new meanings for words than the internet.

So, here’s The Pack’s definitive (well, not quite) guide to the lexicon of social media.


Previously, this was a funny little creature that lived under bridges and bothered goats.

Now, it’s still a funny little creature, but this one bothers people. Controversial for the sake of it, your average internet troll will say or do anything to get a reaction – and doesn’t care who they hurt in the process.


In the olden days, this was someone you’d spent a considerable amount of time with, found you had things in common with and saw or at least spoke to on a regular basis. How quaint.

In Facebook terms, a friend is now someone you met briefly in the queue for the loo, or sat next to on a flight, and now you’ll invite them to share pictures of your family, random musings and, if your location settings are on, your precise location. Crucially, though, you never need to speak to them again.


In the Seventies, Spam was tinned meat – an acquired taste but one that proved popular. In the Noughties (not quite as catchy), it’s the email version of junk mail; something you didn’t ask for and is of no relevance, but clutters up your inbox anyway.


Back in the day, tag was a game you played with your friends (the real-life ones) in the schoolyard. Now, it’s a way of showing you have spent time with real, flesh and blood humans. Having a night out and taking some questionable selfies? Tag all your mates so they can share the horror – and potentially lead their colleagues to put two and two together over yesterday’s sickie…

Of course, social media has also given us a whole host of completely new terms, such as selfie (taking a photo of yourself, potentially with some sort of animal filter), emoji (those little graphics representing everything from smiley faces to sailing boats) and photobomb (the annoying habit of spoiling someone’s photo by leaping into shot).


If you need a hand getting to grips with social media and its strange new language, throw us a bone on 01325 486666, or email info@hugoversity.com.


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