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What I learned as an intern at Harvey & Hugo

They say hands-on experience is often the best and most beneficial way to learn a skill, and this is exactly what I discovered during my three month internship at Harvey & Hugo.

Spending three years at university taught me all the basics I needed to know for a career in public relations, but my internship put them into practice and has shown me much more than I could have ever imagined.

Over the course of the last 12 weeks, I have attended networking events, helped in managing social media accounts and distributed press releases in a professional PR environment. All of this has given me the confidence I needed to build relationships and connections with other business professionals.

As my time at Harvey & Hugo, draws to an end, I thought it would be helpful share some of the most important things I have learned, so here they are:

My internship has definitely kept me on my toes, thanks to the fast paced environment at Harvey & Hugo.

I have constantly been building on my PR knowledge, my writing and grammar skills and improving my confidence.

Shadowing the experts and learning how they work has taught me a lot that I couldn’t learn in lectures.

It’s been an invaluable experience, giving me wisdom that I aim to use in my future roles.

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