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What’s happened to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp?

Social media users are reeling from what seems to be the most severe outage that Facebook, its two messaging apps and Instagram has ever faced.

Although it seems that Facebook is now recovering from a more than 14-hour disruption, users are still furious about not being able to use the platform’s products, which were inaccessible to the majority of audiences across the world.

So what happened when users experienced the outage? They headed over to Twitter to express their concerns and it wasn’t long before #FacebookDown became a trending topic.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

There seems to be no explanation for the problem but its impact on businesses could be significant. With limited to no access to the platform’s business tools, Messenger or advertising platform, companies from across the world have suffered and many are claiming to have lost potential business.


How will Facebook recover from what is believed to be the biggest interruption ever suffered by the social network? Has the trust between companies and the platform been impacted?

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