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Why should you send a monthly e-newsletter?

Here at Harvey & Hugo we’ve highlighted just some of the reasons why monthly e-newsletters are important…

The content within your newsletter such as press releases reinforces your brand and services with your database which builds credibility.


It’s a busy world out there and sometimes people can forget that your business actually exists. Make this impossible for them by regularly reminding them of all of the great work you’re doing.


Some of your clients may not realise that you have a whole other range of services that you provide and may go elsewhere. By using case studies and news releases in your newsletters, you can effectively cross sell to your already loyal supporters.


We always pick up a new business lead with every newsletter we send out. You could too!


Sending an e-newsletter is much more cost-effective than paper versions as there are no print and distribution costs. Once the template is deigned, new content can be written and newsletters sent out at the touch of a button.


A lot of e-newsletter software tracks things like open rate, most popular reads and can let you know if anyone has unsubscribed.


Not everyone may have seen you in the news this week, so send out a link in your newsletter to increase the chances of them seeing you.


You already have a captive audience in your database who have willingly signed up to receive a newsletter from you. Marketing to this audience will be much more effective as they already have an interest in you rather than sending it to cold leads.


We send out our Harv-e-news every month and it works a treat for achieving all of the above benefits.


Sign up to our Harv-e-newsletter for information on our latest events, news and blogs.


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