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Why the ‘YouTuber’ format is a powerful marketing strategy for start-up businesses

In today’s world, the Internet famous are more than just ordinary people doing ordinary things, be it make-up tutorials, taste tests or reaction videos within the four-walls of their bedroom. They are self-built brands, marketed through fun and entertaining visual content.

It’s no well-kept secret that businesses have already taken advantage of platforms like YouTube; engaging in advertising and sponsorship deals with some of the site’s most well-known ‘vloggers’, such as Lily Singh aka Superwoman with Coke, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella with Superdrug and thousands more.

But how could the ‘YouTuber’ format benefit start-up businesses? Here’s how:

Setting up an account costs nothing, and if your budget is really tight, start off with basic equipment – i.e. a smartphone – which allows you to edit your videos. Although the quality might not be as good as a professional video device, they are just as good for producing content that has both entertainment and informative value. You just need to get creative with it!

Building a fan base or clientele in the form of subscribers is also not easy, but doing it in a short space of time is not impossible.

When I stumbled across a relatively new channel, ‘Reaction Time’, in January 2016, 19-year-old ‘reactor’ Tal Fishman had around 15k subscribers. By 25th April, this number had grown considerably to almost 900k – all for reacting to the most popular videos on the internet, suggested by his subscribers.

The ‘web star’ format is more important than ever in today’s world because potential customers, particularly millennials, are more likely to engage with content that is a reflection of themselves, which is often fronted by an online personality.

Ultimately, it is a format that, if done right, is incredibly rewarding for online brand building. So why not use this to help grow your business from the ground up?

‘So where do I begin?’ I hear you asking. Here are three tips for starting out:

Good luck!

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