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Why “tweet”? The importance of connecting on twitter

Since its introduction in 2006, twitter has fast become a popular social media platform for business owners looking to connect with members of their exact target markets, whether these are individual users or other businesses in need of certain products and / or services.

The benefits of using twitter as part of your marketing strategy

twitter is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy for various reasons. As well as allowing you to follow members of your exact target audience, twitter enables you to:

One of the best things about twitter is that it is completely free for anyone to join – individuals and businesses alike – as long as they are connected to the internet. Once you’ve set up your company’s twitter account with all of its unique branding and information, you can then start taking advantage of all of the benefits outlined above.

Why interaction is key on twitter

In order for twitter to work effectively for your company, it mustn’t simply be used as a platform from which to endlessly shout about your services. Your followers would become bored with this very quickly, resulting in your follower numbers dwindling.

As we’ve said before, twitter (along with Facebook, Linked In and other such websites) is referred to as “social” media for a reason. It’s not about promoting yourself to your target audience and expecting them to listen and respond instantly by calling on your services; it’s about listening to them instead: talking to them directly, requesting their feedback and responding when they respond to you.

Why you should always respond to any interactions you receive

Let’s say that each day, you upload a couple of “tweets” about some of the services you provide, as well as posting links to a couple of topical articles and requesting feedback on your products, services, website and / or other aspects of your business.

And let’s say that one day, you notice that a couple of users have responded, perhaps providing a few suggestions as to how your website could be improved, or asking for your views on a certain industry-related news item that you have “tweeted” about. What should you do next?

Simple answer: Respond.

Responding to any comments, suggestions and, yes, even complaints from your followers and clients online shows that you are:

We’re not suggesting here that you reply to every automatic “tweet” you receive when you follow someone new, ordering you to check out their website. As in everyday life, however, failing to reply to questions and comments which have been addressed directly to you can appear ignorant and may end up tarnishing your company’s reputation among your followers. They might even wonder why you would bother using twitter in the first place.

Remember: Interaction = building relationships = boosting your business

If you are employing, or thinking of employing, twitter as part of your company’s marketing strategy, remember that effective account management means interacting with your followers as opposed to simply preaching about your business to them.

Talking and responding in this way helps to build your reputation online and, you never know, might just cause that all-important business enquiry to appear in your Direct Messages …

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