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Why your business should be using Snapchat

Launched in 2011, it is difficult to imagine life without Snapchat. As Snapchat continues to evolve as a communication platform, the opportunity for businesses to connect with their audiences further increases.

The photo messaging app gives businesses the chance, however big or small to connect with their audiences on a personal level whilst also presenting the opportunity to promote and give customers instant company updates through the short-term visual messaging. Here are a just few reasons why you should utilise Snapchat within your business:


It’s free advertising!

Nobody can or should resist a free marketing tool. All social media networks are a cost-effective form of advertising and they provide easy ways to target audiences.


An easy but yet creative way to engage with audiences.

You may just think Snapchat involves simple image taking and in many ways you would be correct however, there are creative ways to engage audiences. Use Snapchat to launch and run competitions by asking users to send pictures of themselves using your product and offer a potential reward. The key is for you as a business is to encourage your customers to engage and communicate in a conversation that appears to be direct and personal to each customer.


Opportunity to portray your personality.

As with any other social media, Snapchat gives businesses a unique opportunity to illustrate your company’s mission statement. It will also help your customers to connect with you on a ‘human-like’ level building a trust within the brand.


Embrace the time limit with teaser Snaps.

Snapchat only allows images to be displayed for up to ten seconds and although this may sound like a pitfall of the network, you can use this to your advantage. Use the time limit to produce teaser images to audiences enticing them wanting to find out more.


Take the opportunity of connecting with your audiences and offer them not only content but behind the scenes sneak peeks. Remember it’s a free marketing tool but it may not be free forever! It’s time to join the snapping fanatics!


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