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Why your New Year’s Resolution this year should be to blog

As we approach Christmas and the New Year, it’s important we put our bad habits to bed, and to start getting our resolutions in order to move into a more productive and inspiring 2015. bigstock-creativity-concept--time-to-c-30227561

Admit it, you probably gave up on your 2014 resolutions for your business early in the game and that’s okay. We’re all guilty of it.

This year however I’m going to give you some reasons why dusting off that outdated blog on your website should be a solid resolution you should stick to for 2015 and how it can really benefit your business.


Blog posts improve your website ranking

Answer honestly: Do you ever search past page 3 on Google’s Search Results page? If, like the rest of us you don’t, you should probably be aware of how easy it is to fall into that endless pit.

Stagnant websites are very bad for businesses. You want Google on your side when you’re trying to attract leads and new customers, and by committing and posting to a regular blog post, this helps your site become more active, which improves your Google ranking.


Establish yourself as an expert

You, as an MD or a business should be seen as an expert in your field. How do you make it obvious to the world you know what you’re talking about? A blog. Keep your posts specific to your niche, as you don’t want to get off message and you certainly don’t want to confuse your customers.

If there is something in the news that relates to your business, perhaps write a blog post on how it can affect other businesses in that industry.


A chance to show your personality and creative side

You might be thinking there’s a lot of hard work in maintaining a blog, and you’re right… But it can be a lot of fun too. This is a perfect opportunity to explore your creative side and show your personality to your customers.  Go out of your comfort zone and have a little fun with it, you’ll be surprised at how this can attract business.


After a few regular blog posts, you will be soon categorised in people’s mind as the “go-to” in that niche or market, which builds trust with your clients, customers and the public in general.

Of course, we all need a little help from time to time, so if you want the occasional (or regular) blog post writing up, give us a call… 01325 486666.


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