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Will ‘Facebook at Work’ work?

You will soon all be able to use Facebook at work! Before you start jumping for joy that you’ll now be able to see what your friends are up to all day at work, just continue reading… Facebook Login on Apple iPad

Facebook at Work will let businesses create their own version of Facebook for their employees.

Before panic sets in that your boss and colleagues may be able to see those embarrassing photos shared last weekend, the new enterprise platform will be entirely separate from your personal account.

Also content shared on Facebook at Work will not be accessible through personal profiles or to people outside of the company. (Phew, you can still live that double life!)

The platform which is currently just being piloted will look the same as your personal account and have the same features including the News Feed, groups, messaging and events.

Will this new move for the social networking giant take the fun out of Facebook or will it lead to a more engaged and productive workforce? Or both! We’re keen to find out – hurry up Facebook and roll it out!


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