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Words glorious words

It is well known that young children have vocabulary spurts, sometimes learning up to 20 new words a week.

Although this may not happen to people as adults, no matter what line of work you are in, it never hurts to expand your vocabulary.

As you know, everyone at Harvey & Hugo loves words.

We get excited by a clever pun or play on words and rejoice when we come across a quirky new word or phrase, looking forward to being able to use it in our next piece of writing.

To keep vocabulary fresh and up to date, it is helpful to read a variety of books and magazines but there are also some great online resources you can use.

Here are six word-a-day resources you might find helpful.

A Word A Day – The wordsmith.org has been emailing a word a day to subscribers all over the world for 20 years. Just think how many words that is!

Wordnik – This is the world’s biggest online English dictionary, by number of words, which also has a subscription word-of-the-day service.

WordThink – This site takes a practical approach, focusing on every day words, stating that staff do not waste time on cryptic words that would never be spoken or sound too pretentious.

Dictionary.com – This site includes audio pronunciations and also offers a quiz on the words from the week.

Merriam-Webster – Word-of-the-day offerings from Merriam-Webster include a daily word podcast.

Oxford English Dictionary – Even the world’s most definitive dictionary has word-of-the-day offerings.

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