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Words of wisdom from The SUMO Guy

I recently attended the Entrepreneurs Forum, Fortune Favours the Brave conference at Wynyard Hall. sumo-paul-mcgee

One of the most inspiring speakers that day was best-selling author, Paul McGee. Known as The SUMO guy, Paul’s famous book on self-confidence is an acronym for Shut Up, Move On.

Here’s some words of wisdom taken from his presentation:


“Put your own oxygen mask on first”

It’s important to help yourself before you can help others. Often in business as leaders, we take care of our team, before helping ourselves. We can only get the best out of others if the leader is at their best.


“Opportunities come outside of your comfort zone”

80 – 85% of daily activity happens on auto-pilot. Push yourself, open new doors and reveal new opportunities.


“In life there’s always going to be a donkey telling a racehorse how to run faster”

Challenge your critics


“It’s not whether you fall, it’s how long you stay down”

Everyone experiences set-backs in life; it’s those that keep getting back-up that become successful.


“Hippo time”

It’s okay to not feel okay and allow yourself a little time to wallow in self-pity, but remember this is only temporary.


“In a world of iPads and iPhones don’t forget the importance of eyeballs”

The value of meeting face-to-face cannot be underestimated or rivalled by technology.


“Nothing beats wisdom, hard work and a good team”

Take your time to learn, put in the hours and pick team members wisely.


“You never know the power of words when you talk to yourself”

How you talk to yourself matters just as much as how you talk to others, so choose words wisely and be kind.


“Don’t just take notes, take actions”

Life rewards you for the actions you take, not the thoughts you have and the notes you take.


“Seeking support is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of wisdom”

Never be afraid to ask for help and advice  


“Perspective is very important”

When things are going wrong, ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being death) how does this problem rate?


“Learn Latin”

Carpe Diem is Latin for seize the day. Be grateful and make the most of everyday.


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