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Would you date your brand?

It’s safe to say that we’re leading increasingly busy lives and for those looking for love, turning to the internet is the fast and effective solution.

But in a world where we are checking our phones 50 times a day, and spending upwards of 5.5 hours on social media daily, are there lessons we can learn from the online dating world? Absolutely!

The market is more fragmented than ever before, with more messages on more platforms fighting for the attention of future partners (consumers). So, here are three golden rules from the online dating world that can start hearts racing and palms sweating for your brand…


  1. Be clear, not coy

While you can be as flirtatious and long-winded as you like in real life, online dating is all about being frank, straight-talking and to the point.

Carefully construct your image based on what you want to find – long term relationship or just a hook up?

If you can’t tell the essence of your story in the space of a few images and sentences, you’ll struggle to make those all-important connections.


  1. Give them what they want

It’s all very well and good building your brand but is it what your consumers want?

Online dating is more data-driven than you think – from using key words in a profile to reflect what you think a potential partner wants, to optimising your profile in order to attract the right match. Your brand should be no different.

Optimise and tailor your brand to specifically appeal to your customers by finding and analysing the data available to you.


  1. Get naked

It’s entirely up to you how literally you take this (for reference, we also do crisis management) but what we mean is to be transparent. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Say what you mean. Etc.

Strip down to the basics of what you do, who you are and how you can help. Until recently, we were a people raised on Twitter’s 140 character limit, so remember that brevity is boss.

In online dating terms? A decision on whether to swipe right or left (like or dislike) is made within 2-5 seconds.

So, if your company’s profile came up – which direction would you swipe?


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